Saying Goodbye: Book Review

Julie Rember and Mike O’Mary  of Dream of Things wisely envisioned the need for an anthology dealing with loss.  Our everyday lives are filled with loss:  some physical, some emotional, and others too complicated to put into a category.  How we respond to loss is an important factor in building character and greatly affects our […]

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Angels Watching Over Me

Don’t ever feel alone.  Psalms 91 reminds me there are angels around all the time even when we don’t feel them. My husband, Tim, spent 8 days in Intensive Care when he suffered two heart attacks and had emergency bypass surgery.  People a lot smarter than me thought he wouldn’t make it through  recovery.  But […]

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Writing Lessons

Max Lucado’s devotional today made me examine brevity in writing.  Jesus’ greatest sermon is 8 minutes long.  He summarized prayer in five lines, silenced naysayers with one challenge, rescued a soul with one sentence, summarized the Law in three verses, and reduced Christianity to one command.  Jesus was a master at making his point. I […]

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Thoughts on Meeting a Legend

On Memorial Day weekend,  I was fortunate enough to attend the concert of a legend.  In case you haven’t noticed, many of our beloved legends are dying off.  Just recently we said good-bye to Dennis Hopper, Lena Horne, and Peter Faulk.  I was fortunate enough to meet John Ritter and Charlie Shedd before their demise […]

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