Hooray for the Internet

Sometimes the Internet gets a bad rap!  Sure there’s stuff on there that’s bad but for the most part I think the Internet is a blessing.  I can see my grandson’s induction into the Beta Club, see another grandson’s band performance, or yet another recite his Cub Scout pledge.  I can reach out to a brother in Bocas del Toro, Panama, or to a relative in Hawaii.  Better than a letter or even a telephone call is Skype or the chat feature on my email.

Another cool feature is research which to a nonfiction writer is everything.  I can find a World War II gravesite, do research on wine, and look up several translations of a Bible verse all in my pjs.  The library would never allow that!

And talk about convenience.  If I don’t feel like sitting at my desk, I can pick up my handy dandy netbook and go anywhere in the house or take my little blue companion on a trip.  That’s something my grandparents would have classified as science fiction or maybe even magic.  Something to think about on a cold rainy day in Georgia.


One thought on “Hooray for the Internet

  1. A friend of mine once remarked that he couldn’t believe that in his grandfather’s time, people actually rode animals from one place to another. I can imagine Balin’s kids wondering that we used to print things on trees and carry them around with us to classes.

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