On Writing

Just discovered a wonderful new author, J.E. Hunt (Whispering Walls).  He writes from a background of medieval history with a touch of heroic, a dash of guilt, a smidge of romance, and a pinch of mystery. His characters are life life and I forgot that Tergiver, Herrick, and Agatha were creations.  But the best part is that I couldn’t wait to see what the next adventure would bring.  Alas the worst part is that I have to wait until I can find out their fate.

J.E. Hunt is a former UGA student (so is his wife) who were part of our ministry at CCF.  J.E.  (Josh) was always a brilliant, intense, and thoughtful person so when he undertook novel writing it is no surprise that it is a reflection of him.  I am so proud that he let me be one of the first to see the completed work.  My biggest compliment to his work is that it held me spellbound and it is not my usual type of reading.

Whispering Walls is a permanent part of my library and I expect that I will need to reread it to get the complete texture of the tapestry before I read the sequel “The Sea of the Missing.”



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