The Thing about Writers is

Writers are a peculiar bunch. We are suspicious and observant.  We weight every word and figure out a scenario from every point of view.  We just do. That’s who we are.

Nonfiction writers love crazy news and absurd happenings. What people really do is so insane that we nonfiction scribblers don’t feel the need to make anything up.

Fiction writers on the other hand use their great imaginations and wonderful character building skills to create another world entirely.  I have a friend who swears you must have a terrible upbringing to be a great writer.  And to some degree I think I would acquiesce.

Writers are jealous of each other yet loyal at the same time.  It ‘s like we can talk about our family but no one else better.  We celebrate our achievements,  commiserate over the 47th version of a book submission, rejoice over acceptance by a publisher, and weep when a fellow author throws in the towel.  This business is cruel but we don’t have to be!

Ever since I began publishing in the early 90’s I have witnessed much hand wringing and prophesying that the death of bound books was imminent.  Yet 20 years later we still buy and read them whether paperback or leather bound. Granted books are more expensive than they used to be and the Kindle types are out there.  However, nothing beats curling up in your favorite spot with a blanket and a book on a rainy day.  Lying on the beach with an electronic reading device is just not the same.  I’m just saying.

If you are in need of beach reading, travel reading, or any type of pleasure in the fictional department check out J.E. Hunt’s “Whispering Walls” hot off the press from Carius Books.


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