I am a blessed woman. There’s no doubt about it.  I have a wonderful husband who has celebrated 42 years with me.  I have beautiful children and grandsons whom I adore.  I have a writing ministry and a chance to touch others with my words.  I get to travel to different places and meet ministers who touch others for Jesus all over the globe.  I couldn’t have a better life.

So why do I whine and complain when things happen or are out of my control?  Why do I become depressed and am ready to throw in the towel?  Because I lose site of what is important.  I let the little things of life drag me down.  I allow Satan to put in his digs and surrender to my gut instead of to my spirit.

I know I am not the only one.  There are others of you who do the same. We ignore what God has done in our lives and dwell on what we’ve asked for but not received.   Think about it.  Some of the stuff we’ve asked for is not in our best interest.  That’s why God has withheld it – like the Good and Wise Parent that He is.


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