Coupons: The Currency of the Millenia

If you ever doubted that more people than ever are using coupons, just walk into your local grocery on double coupon day.  It used to be that only stay-at-home moms and the elderly used coupons because they were the only individuals willing to put in the time.

No more.  Now everyone – single parents, seniors, couples, college students, and their ilk – all can be observed digging through mounds of disorganized and a confused disarray of clippings.  Which brings me to the subject of this blog.

I am teaching a class on Friday to Learning in Retirement at the University of Georgia on just how to make sense out of couponing. It is surprising how many discounts and/or coupons are available and which retailers are willing to take them.  Some individuals have made a career out of scoping out coupon sites, organization of coupons, and publishing tips on how to cut your grocery bill, get restaurant deals, and trade or swap coupons.  My Friday seminar will be basic:  how to find coupons, how to stack coupons, ways to make couponing easier, how to organize, plus a few insider tips.

So if you find yourself on the UGA campus around 2 pm on Friday,  drop into my first ever coupon class at River’s Crossing.  Bring your open mind and your  coupons!


2 thoughts on “Coupons: The Currency of the Millenia

  1. I remember one year, my mom told me that she would give me whatever money I saved us at the grocery story by using coupons. I made out very well a few times, and once I even had the store pay us 10¢ to take two bottles of shampoo.

    1. Very cool. Well you will be happy to know that coupon using is alive and well. 18 women and 1 man attended the class. We had a lively discussion – I learned a lot hope they did as well.

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