Communication – Lost Art Form?

I read an article recently about a man who was in the park with his daughter.  Surrounded by children playing, a cool breeze, a blue sky, and the sounds of nature, the author described himself as happily tweeting, texting, and keyboarding in cyberspace. The writer suddenly had an epiphany that although he was WITH his daughter he wasn’t WITH her at all.  And I have found this to be true in my own life as well.

Sure I  don’t tweet very often but hardly a day goes by that I don’t reach out and touch someone with Face Book or email.  Heck there are days I even CALL people! And this while in my office, at the pool, in the car, while ignoring the sights and sounds around me.

Sound familiar?  Sometimes we need to unplug and smell the roses, have the tea party, and leave the electronics at home. Even if they are wireless.


2 thoughts on “Communication – Lost Art Form?

  1. We’re planning for an international trip, and I found myself bemoaning the small storage space on my gadgets. I wanted 100gigs of music and movies and a 10-hour battery life for the laptop. Seeing me in dread of such impending boredom, Sherri said, “Why don’t you read The Worm Ouroborus again, you’ve been saying you want to.”

    I realized then that unplugging from my routine of trying to pack as much living into every second I had could actually result in me being much more fulfilled on that long flight. (And it has saved us money on a new gadget that I decided not to buy.)

    1. Thanks Josh. I think there is a lesson there for all of us. With all of our electronic gizmos we are still failing to communicate. I see it in myself and all around us. Being aware is the first step. Hope you and family have a great trip, where are you headed?

      Sheila S. Hudson 161 Woodstone Drive Athens GA 30605 706-296-7056

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