Writing Lessons

Max Lucado’s devotional today made me examine brevity in writing.  Jesus’ greatest sermon is 8 minutes long.  He summarized prayer in five lines, silenced naysayers with one challenge, rescued a soul with one sentence, summarized the Law in three verses, and reduced Christianity to one command.  Jesus was a master at making his point.

I realize that I am not as talented, but I believe with a lot of effort (not to mention prayer) I can tell stories, deliver inspiration, and get my point across in an effective way without bludgeoning my readers with unnecessary words.  Clean writing, concise concepts, crisp wording, and clear ideas require craft.

Stephen King likens it to taking out our toolbox. For me it would be the sewing basket.  We assemble the tools it takes to get the job done, hammer or  stitch, polish or press until the piece is what we envisioned — or maybe if we’re  very lucky– something even better.


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