Angels Watching Over Me

Don’t ever feel alone.  Psalms 91 reminds me there are angels around all the time even when we don’t feel them. My husband, Tim, spent 8 days in Intensive Care when he suffered two heart attacks and had emergency bypass surgery.  People a lot smarter than me thought he wouldn’t make it through  recovery.  But they didn’t know the God we serve nor the stubborn determination of who they were dealing with.

After 23 days I proudly took my husband home.  He continues to improve faster than anyone predicted.  I prepared for the worst and God gave me the best.  This isn’t the first time my heavenly Father has stepped in and prevented the unimaginable, but it is the most recent.


Many don’t believe in God or in prayer or in miracles.  But I have a daily reminder that God loves me.  He answered my prayer to heal Tim and suspended the natural law so that I could have him a few more years.  I am a blessed woman and I remind myself each day that ‘angels are watching over me.’


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