Saying Goodbye: Book Review

Julie Rember and Mike O’Mary  of Dream of Things wisely envisioned the need for an anthology dealing with loss.  Our everyday lives are filled with loss:  some physical, some emotional, and others too complicated to put into a category.  How we respond to loss is an important factor in building character and greatly affects our future.

Saying Goodbye pays homage to spouses, friends, siblings, and pets lost through death but also contains bits of touching memoir like the scenes in The Evolution of Your Goodbyes.  The author allows us a glance into what it is like to have a father with Alzheimer’s disease. Love Letters and The Mumo Letters show us a long term good-bye while Puppy Love caught me smiling through my tears.

Editors Rember and O’Mary describe this volume as “a collection of true stories about how we leave the people, places, and things in our lives.  This powerful book includes a number of sad stories, some very funny ones, and others that mix joy with sorrow.  Taken together,they serve as amazing examples of people saying heartfelt goodbyes with grace, dignity, and good humor.”

And I can’t say it any better than that!


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